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Created in 2005, BodogBrand.com is an entirely new model of venture partner – one that takes the vast, contained energy of a globally-recognized brand from one sector, couples it with deep branding expertise and financial depth, and unleashes it to propel new ventures to prominence in complementary industries.  A model that respects the entrepreneur and understands that “ventures synergies” is not some marketing buzzword, but has the potential to be the foundation of an entirely new way of doing business.

BodogBrand.com holds the global rights to license the Bodog brand across all sectors and its mandate is to partner with carefully-selected licensees to license the brand to accelerate partner growth, while extending the BodogBrand.com into new and vibrant markets.

More than just an IP licensing company, more than a venture capitalist, more than a marketing and management consultancy – BodogBrand.com sees the world just a little bit differently.

What do we see?  We see a  global brand, but one whose character of dynamic innovation is not corroded by it becoming just another asset on some behemoth company’s balance sheet.  We see a brand that retains its vigour because it is brought to life every day by a growing community of entrepreneurs, an ecosystem of licensees in complementary sectors whose efforts don’t compete, but enhance, one another’s businesses.  United by common values, bound together by a shared vision, the brand licensees form a thriving hive of innovation and passion.

That’s what we see.  That’s BodogBrand.com.

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